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"Here I became aware of the world’s tenderness, the profound beneficence of all that surrounded me, the blissful bond between me and all of creation, and I realized that the joy I sought in you was not only secreted within you, but breathed around me everywhere, in the speeding street sounds, in the hem of a comically lifted skirt, in the metallic yet tender drone of the wind, in the autumn clouds bloated with rain. I realized that the world does not represent a struggle at all, or a predaceous sequence of chance events, but the shimmering bliss, beneficent trepidation, a gift bestowed upon us and unappreciated."

- Vladimir Nabokov, “Beneficience” in The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov (via larmoyante)

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"La atracción siempre empieza con los ojos, pero el amor requiere de cerrarlos un poquito y de abrir mas el corazón."

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Did up a series of tattoo-style, graphic t-shirt designs with spoofs of South African culture. You can see the full project, on Behance, here:

"Todos llegamos lejos, solamente que las distancias y los caminos no son los mismos, ni la forma de caminar, ni de medir, ni de vivir…"

- Me llaman la loca - Gisela I.G.M  (via hachedesilencio)

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